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Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Emergency Preparedness For Seniors is a guide with tips and considerations for preparing for emergencies while dealing with the challenges of aging. This guide is intended to isolate and identify potentially unique differences the elderly may need to address when prepping, bugging out, or seeking better preparedness for emergencies and disasters. I cover Emergency Preparedness For Seniors and their Caretakers.
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Brian D. Hawkins

Sunday Feb 04, 2024

Doom Fatalism — We examine when preppers find that fatalism hinders their preparation for significant SHTF events and how to overcome this obstacle.
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Brian D. Hawkins

Sunday Jan 28, 2024

Financial challenges are not only common, they’re getting worse. In this article, number three of our Next Step Survival Prepper Q&A Series, I want to offer a little thought for those struggling with income and finances and seeking a better level of preparedness. 
A very common comment of my prepper pantry video (Three years ago, 250K views, and over 1,400 comments) is, “How can you afford all that?” Just yesterday, I got this comment on that same video:
I don’t know how people afford this.
This episode tackles the issue, “How do I prep if I'm broke.” 
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Stay safe. Stay prepared.Hawkins Out.

Sunday Jan 21, 2024

I feel like a little honest prepper talk. I'll address what prepping has taught me and whether it seems like I've wasted all these years. As part of our Prepper Q&A Series, I'll answer a few related questions and look at what eight years of running Next Step Survival have taught me.
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Saturday Jan 13, 2024

In my typical method of going against the grain, I call BS on The Rule of Threes Of Survival. In this short article, I cover the shortfalls of this simplistic and unrealistic standard of survival requirements that have been spread throughout our community for years.
I also offer a possible solution – an acronym (ASS-WTF) that may serve the prepping community better.
The Rule Of 3’s For Survival
AIR: You can survive three minutes without breathable air (unconsciousness) or in icy water.
Shelter: You can survive three hours in a harsh environment (extreme heat or cold).
Water: You can survive three days without drinkable water.
Food: You can survive three weeks without food.
ASS-WTF – Wouldn’t This Be Better?
ASS-WTF: Survival Priorities
Air: Get to breathable air.
Security: Ensure your safety from surrounding threats.
Shelter: Limit exposure to extreme temperatures and elements.
Water: Find or make safe and drinkable water.
Then: Next/Finally
Food: Secure food. Calorie and nutrition intake is necessary to survive.
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Stay safe. Stay prepared.Hawkins Out.

Sunday Jan 07, 2024

Everyone's doing predictions for 2024, so I now get to publish my own predictions. I list my Predictions For 2024. There's nothing to worry about!
I offer my bold 2024 predictions on Money, Taxes, Oil, Education, The Border and Illegal Immigration, Land Ownership, The War Machine, Social Media Giants And AI, Woke Nonsense, Climate Change, Religion, Government And Parties, Law And Order, Elections And Voting, Free Speech, Gun Rights, Media Reporting, and last but not least, Big Pharma And Big Ag. Overall Conclusion: Everything is fine—no need to prepare. 
My official Predictions For 2024, Brian D. Hawkins

Sunday Oct 15, 2023

When your freezer loses power, you need to know it lost power. I cover several methods of knowing when you have a problem. 
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Sunday Jul 30, 2023

In this article, I will show the potential of LTL Trucking Disruptions (supply line disruption) and further price increases that preppers should be made aware of due to the possible (likely) event that one of the largest local trucking companies will fold. Preppers should act accordingly.
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Saturday Jul 15, 2023

In this podcast, I will show how our prepper lifestyle MIGHT make us more vulnerable to theft. How our independent tendencies might work against us. If we let them.
I will not be going over the basics that you’ve seen thousands of times before, like — don’t advertise that you’re a prepper, stay armed if you can, hide your valuables, get a security system, invest in cameras, etc.
Nope, we’ll focus today on what we can gain from advice from real burglars. Short and sweet, as always.
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Saturday Jul 01, 2023

Today’s topic has that distinct, irresistible scent of impending doom mixed with just a dash of an overripe compost heap — “Prepare For The Alien Invasion — Building The Ultimate Alien Invasion Bugout Bag.”
This article is to help the advanced prepper valiant enough to dare a chuckle in the face of potential intergalactic threats!
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